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Who We Are

Kaitlyn Gannon

Interior Designer

Kaitlyn began her career at SGA as an intern and was quickly appointed to a full-time position within the interior design department. She can’t imagine a better place to hone her skills and gain experience. As she explains, SGA is neither too big nor too small, which translates into the right blend of autonomy and training opportunities. She also appreciates her colleagues, who foster an upbeat atmosphere, and the variety of projects. Her colleagues, in turn, admire her patience – a valuable attribute in the design field.

Although Kaitlyn is relatively new to SGA, she has already become an integral member of the team. Most of her work involves corporate interiors, but her responsibilities vary from project to project. On larger assignments, Kaitlyn focuses more on production, whereas on faster-paced smaller ones, she plays a major role in design development. In every instance, she looks forward to seeing a design evolve from the initial planning stages to a project’s culmination.

Kaitlyn received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Suffolk University in Boston. In her spare time, she likes to cook and bake. Whenever possible, she visits her parents in New Hampshire, where she enjoys playing with their new puppy, a border collie/Great Pyrenees mix.