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Life Sciences

We have a proven track record of delivering dynamic and flexible research space in notable life sciences clusters. Our knowledge and experience in the field has given us a thorough understanding of what lab tenants expect in the market right now. As a result, we know how to design flexible solutions that support a conducive research environment. View SGA’s Life Sciences portfolio.

Modern innovation hub with a unique blend of glass and brick architecture

corporate + commercial

A work environment should adapt to the needs of its user, that is why we collaborate with our clients to understand everyone’s unique ways of working. From the way a company’s departments and teams are structured to the resources that matter the most, all the way to the types of amenity spaces needed to support your culture and ideals, we want to learn everything there is to learn so that we can design a space that works for you. View SGA’s Corporate and Commercial portfolio.


For over three decades, SGA has been delivering signature academic buildings across the country. Partnering with leading institutions, our academic team has extensive experience shaping campuses, big and small. From student life and residence halls to classrooms, laboratories, campus master plans and administrative offices, our portfolio features we have a wide array of project types. View SGA’s Academic portfolio.


Technically challenging constraints require robust design solutions. Our advanced expertise in building renovations, detailing, waterproofing, and mitigation practices means that we can transform even the most challenging structures into dynamic design expressions. We have surrounded ourselves with a stellar team of consultants and construction managers who work with us to understand all engineering and coordination issues and explore innovative solutions to match. View SGA’s Repositioning portfolio.


SGA celebrates the diversity of the modern multi-family residential experience with innovative design solutions for affordable, market-rate, high-end, and student housing. Our team draws inspiration from target tenants, leverages in-unit privacy, and provides seamless access to outdoor space to create vibrant communities. Supporting the internal neighborhood with hospitality-inspired amenity spaces, a focus on the public realm, and interconnectivity with the urban fabric it inhabits. View SGA’s Repositioning portfolio.