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Our process-oriented architecture studio works with clients to create innovative, ground-breaking and sustainable design solutions for their unique programmatic, business and organizational needs. With BIM, we are rapidly solving clients’ challenges and improving the design process. View SGA’s Architecture portfolio.

interior design

Our dynamic interior design teams collaborate with clients to understand and emulate each client’s unique mission, goals and corporate culture. Whether we’re working within previously set standards or establishing our own, our perpetual interest in your needs ensures the best new workplace for you. View SGA’s Interior Design portfolio.

master planning

SGA’s Master Planning process results in vibrant, memorable, and high-functioning environments. We have extensive experience in designing urban and suburban projects, including Life Sciences facilities and clusters, academic and institutional campuses, and mixed-use properties that include commercial, residential, and retail spaces. View SGA’s Master Planning portfolio.

science + technology

Science is constantly changing and evolving, even faster than the design and build process. We at SGA work with our clients to anticipate their needs as the science develops. Whether it be an accelerator or a major corporate facility, SGA develops projects that can readily accommodate change in a client’s science and business model. View SGA’s Science + Technology portfolio.


At SGA, we are passionate about improving the built environment’s relationship with the natural world around it. Our internal experts draw from a range of industry certifications and institutional knowledge to deliver a holistic approach to sustainability that balances a building’s present and future impact to elevate the human experience for all. Learn more about SGA’s Sustainability practice.

virtual design + construction

Our VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) service allows us to deliver a more cost-effective, streamlined process for design and construction. This project delivery method saves clients time and money, mitigates risk, and delivers innovative, progressive building solutions. View SGA’s Virtual Design + Construction portfolio.