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Virtual Design + Construction


Virtual Design + Construction, or VDC creates a world where design and construction are seamless, enabling limitless possibilities.

VDC is a proven delivery method that utilizes a combination of people, process, and technology. By bringing together the design team, construction managers, and subcontractors early in the planning phase, VDC uses the power of intelligent collaboration to design and build to your goals and objectives.

Benefits + REsults

Our tech-forward approach allows us to deliver a cost-effective, streamlined process for design and construction. We can save our clients millions of dollars, deliver their projects on shortened schedules, and provide sustainable solutions that have a positive impact on the environment.

Quality Design

Thoughtful and innovative design solutions that solve our clients’ business needs and reflect their unique culture.


VDC leverages design-assist to provide the opportunity to accelerate design + construction, delivering projects 100% on time, according to schedule.

Cost Management

By designing to a project’s costs and working with a detailed estimate, value engineering is eliminated and the team can anticipate construction conflicts and resolve inconsistencies with a high level of accuracy.

Predictable Outcomes

SGA has demonstrated on numerous large scale assignments that VDC can improve predictability, lower risks, and achieve cost efficiencies.

pillars of vdc

We are involving people, process and technology to save clients time and money, mitigate risk, and deliver innovative, progressive building solutions.

team building

VDC fosters an environment of team-building by bringing the construction and design world together; with their respective skills, they are able to create the greatest design solutions.


Finding like-minded partners that understand the collaborative mindset of VDC and are willing to think beyond traditional methods and processes.

execution success plan

The Execution Success Plan (ESP), sets the tone for the project and aligns the goals of the entire team, developing consensus about what is going to be the success in the project.

Conditions of satisfaction

The Conditions of Satisfaction (CoS), are agreed upon, measurable statements that the team will collectively achieve in order for the project to be considered a success.

collaboration location

The power of collective intelligence. A giant “sandbox” where architects, engineers, construction managers, and electrical, plumbing and other subcontractors work side-by-side.

visual communications

Utilizing Revit to bring information together under one umbrella to coordinate and manage building information modeling.

building information modeling

A forward-thinking technology, BIM enables collaborative design to improve design before it is built; potential issues are resolved before they occur in the field.

bespoke project dashboards

Online tools in real-time that are completely different from the industry standard; dashboards enable teams to be effective on a daily basis.

Virtual Design + Construction is the tool that creates communication between team members to catch mistakes and prevent conflicts long before construction begins

Michael Schroeder, CCM
Partner + Director of Virtual Design + Construction

mschroeder@sga-arch.com | 857.300.2672