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We believe sustainability should be ingrained into each project from its earliest stages. We are solutions-focused,
leading project teams to collaboratively identify challenges and solutions unique to your organization’s needs. Our team is constantly researching and exploring new and innovative design ideas and products to be able to serve our clients in pursuit of their sustainability goals.

At SGA, our goal is to seamlessly deliver high-performance, comfortable, healthy buildings that holistically serve their occupants and communities for generations to come.

Sustainability driven office building in New Hampshire that reduced embodied carbon by deploying mass timber construction

SGA and its consultants leverage sustainable design planning, feasible renewable energy analysis, energy usage evaluation, and carbon emissions data to ensure a holistic comprehension of your institution’s carbon goals. From there, we collaborate to assess embodied carbon and life cycle costs alongside electrification strategies. SGA defines operational carbon emission, at an early stage, to best identify long term targets, solutions to achieve them, and their associated costs.

Sustainability goals lead to this academic residence hall being designed to Passive House Standards
passive house CONCEPTS

When air-tight, well-insulated design combines with carefully coordinated HVAC systems, your project team is able to create a built environment that meets or exceeds Passive House standards. Having designed two of New England’s first passive house projects–alongside our long term, trusted consultants–SGA’s expertise in implementing this holistic approach to sustainability continues to align with the visions of the most forward-thinking institutions and organizations.

Architectural close up of mass timber joint in 90 Arboretum which is focused on sustainability through the use of CLT and IBC Building Codes

Mass Timber and other sustainably sourced materials work to create an environmentally-friendly atmosphere that enhances your institution’s approach to education and sustainability. Implementing these products allows SGA to significantly reduce carbon footprints and exceed even the highest sustainable standards. Our team designed the first Mass Timber office building in New England, and continues to push boundaries with new Mass Timber technology at scale and across typologies.

Life sciences development with sustainability commitment going for LEED Platinum and Net Zero

With a number of employees certified by industry-leading sustainability organizations, SGA’s expertise in designing to these standards and facilitation of their certification processes ensures that your project achieves all of your organization’s goals. These principles add value to the design process across typologies, specialties, markets, scopes, and scales. Regardless of any individual project’s intention to pursue certification, these organizations and their research guide our best practices.


SGA believes that the value of a sustainably designed building extends far beyond the minimized (or eliminated) carbon footprint and its high-performance systems. These efforts are equally imperative to the human experience; providing occupants with a healthy, comfortable, equitable environment. One in which users delight in thermal comfort as they bask in the playful integration of natural light and air. Many sustainable systems and products serve additional functions, such as navigating acoustical challenges or providing communities with a deeper connection to nature.

Waterfront development deploying resiliency strategies in conjunction with sustainability enhancements

Sustainability reconciles with our impact on the environment while resiliency addresses its impact on us. We believe proactive solutions that anticipate potential catastrophic events are critical when designing our built environment. Having completed many waterfront and water-adjacent projects, SGA’s expertise mitigates risk and helps to future-proof your institution’s assets.


Architectural rendering of a sustainability forward life sciences development in Boston
ISQ3: First Net Zero Life Sciences DEVELOPMENT TO RECEIVE BPDA Approval

The SGA-designed development will be occupied by Vertex Pharmaceuticals and includes several improvements to the streetscape. Read more

Sadaf Jafari is SGA's director of sustainable design, she has dark hair, red lips, and a grey blouse

With an Architecture and Engineering background, Sadaf Jafari joins SGA leading sustainability efforts across Boston and New York City offices. Read more

Commercial real estate development, this architectural rendering shows its public realm
2.6 Million square feet of net zero (or net zero ready) development in SGA’S portfolio

According to data compiled and analyzed by the Built Environment+ Spring 2023 Update, SGA is among the firms leading this effort. Read more