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Master Planning

providing strategic planning in urban and suburban environments

SGA’s Master Planning process results in vibrant, memorable, and high-functioning environments.

We have extensive experience in designing urban and suburban projects, including Life Sciences facilities and clusters, academic and institutional campuses, and mixed-use properties that include commercial, residential, and retail spaces. We analyze each site’s surroundings and physical characteristics with the client’s needs and goals in mind, and we use technology to enable clients to quickly understand and visualize potential design and development solutions. And we keep certain principles—including resiliency, sustainability, inclusion, and equity—in mind throughout, from the initial stage through final approvals.


site analysis

In this key initial step of the Master Planning process, SGA conducts a thorough exploration of a site’s potential, to help the client understand their options and what type of development would best fit the site. We rely on our expertise to quickly articulate a high-level program that accounts for the client’s needs and goals, including placement of streets and open spaces as well as number and type of buildings.

placemaking + vision

At this stage, we think beyond programming and square footage and turn our attention to a project’s identity. We answer important questions, such as: How can we make this site unique? How can we develop a sense of place? What amenities, programs and features are needed to meet the needs of our clients and tenants? We also focus on naming, branding, and marketing of the planned development, in order to boost public awareness and support.

Entitlements + approvals

Our goal is to facilitate a smooth, quick entitlement and approval process. SGA has decades of experience in this area, including long-standing relationships with key stakeholders and authorities having jurisdiction. Furthermore, we are committed to early and sustained engagement with local citizens to build consensus, identify possible challenges, and solve them in a way that will work for both the client and the community.