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Science + Technology

science + technology planning

Creating Leading-Edge
Science Facilities

SGA specializes in the programming, planning, and design of research and development facilities for the biomedical, pharmaceutical, academic, and corporate sectors.



In this first critical step in the design process, SGA collaborates with stakeholders to establish space standards and adjacencies for supporting the anticipated science.

Lab Planning

SGA leads the design team in developing and configuring laboratories to respond to the criteria developed in Programming.

Equipment Planning

SGA specifies and coordinates the equipment required for the successful lab operation in Science and Technology facilities.

Strategic/Master Planning

Whether repositioning an existing facility or developing a new research campus, SGA can establish an innovative vision that responds to your project’s goals and objectives.

Protocol Development

SGA assists in the development of safe and cost-effective facility operations supported by the project’s design.

Process Architecture

SGA’s CGMP facilities design is informed by translating process and workflow into efficient layouts and support spaces that enable for effective manufacturing.


SGA supports the science and study of highly infectious agents by carefully blending protocols, equipment and facilities and to design and construct laboratories.

Code Analysis

Science and Technology facilities carry with them the need to store and use specialty chemicals and materials. SGA can translate the code requirements into building organization and construction strategies which result in a safe environment.

Project Types

Pharmaceutical R&D
Biotech R&D
Engineering Research
Biomedical Research
STEM Buildings
Nuclear Medicine

Graduation Space
Pre-Built Laboratories
Crime + Forensic Labs

Technology Labs
High Containment Laboratories
Clinical Labs
Diagnostic Laboratories
Greenhouse Facilities

Analytical Testing Laboratory
Clean Rooms
Physics Buildings
Medical Devices R&D