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Who We Are

Jenna Williamson

Interior Designer

Jenna keeps a close eye on clients’ goals, mindful that every task she completes brings her one step closer to their successful achievement. She cultivated her conscientious approach during a one-year internship with SGA, which led to a full-time position in 2019.

Jenna’s daily responsibilities include both design assistance and production. Because she has such a strong commitment to communities, she welcomes opportunities to participate in outreach programs and to design spaces that have a substantial impact on surrounding populations. Sustainability is another issue that is close to her heart: She is deeply concerned about environmental conservation and enthusiastically supports SGA’s efforts to minimize the carbon footprints of buildings.

Jenna received a Bachelor of Science in interior design from Wentworth Institute of Technology (WIT) in Boston. During her studies, she was active in student membership programs for SAID and IIDA, and also oversaw WIT’s fashion show team.

Outside of the office, she enjoys drawing and painting, and she volunteers with her church. She also does pro bono work for Eleis Farm, a startup that produces sustainable palm oil in Guinea, Africa. Since the farm was established in 2013, she has helped with its branding and marketing.