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Who We Are

Emlyn McGoldrick

Marketing Manager

Emmy plays an instrumental role in SGA’s marketing and PR efforts.  She works closely with the partners in charge and with project managers to develop proposals, qualification packages, presentations, and collateral for potential clients.  She also manages the firm’s photography, social media channels, and distribution of e-blasts.

Emmy served as an intern at SGA during the summer before her senior year of college and for a month during her subsequent winter break.  In June of 2019, she accepted a full-time position.  It is an excellent fit because Emmy’s academic background spans both business and art.  She attended Connecticut College, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in liberal arts.  As an undergraduate, she studied economics, but also took many art classes.  Architecture marketing, in her view, combines all of the elements she sought in a career.

A long-time soccer player who has taught tennis and golf, Emmy is unfazed by the tight deadlines of new business and marketing.  She credits her involvement in sports with her ability to cope with pressure and to collaborate effectively with members of a team.