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Who We Are

Ashton Schlundt, NCARB

Project Designer

SGA’s project managers rely on Ashton to ensure that every stage of a commission is fruitful. His favorite phase is conceptual design because it offers so much flexibility, but he also enjoys his other many responsibilities, which include drawing, documentation, code compliance, and construction administration.

Since joining SGA, Ashton has focused primarily on life sciences, but his previous experience centered on multifamily and residential properties. He honed his expertise in these sectors at EMBARC, where he served as a designer for nearly two years.

Ashton earned the degrees of Bachelor and Master of Architecture from Wentworth Institute of Technology. Outside of the office, he uses 3D modeling and printing to create everyday objects, plays the electric guitar, skateboards, drives remote-controlled cars, and enjoys videogames. He also likes to travel, which gives him opportunities to explore new cultures through food and architecture. As part of a military family, he grew up in many different parts of the U.S. More recently, he studied for several months in Berlin and, through his master’s program, spent two weeks in Shanghai.