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Who We Are

Amanda Lombardo

Interior Designer

Amanda’s ongoing objective is to maximize the function and flow of spaces while maintaining sustainable and universal design practices. To this end, she selects environmentally friendly products, aims for LEED standards, and ensures that all users – including people with disabilities – can enjoy and move freely through interiors.

Amanda interned with SGA prior to becoming a full-time employee. In her current capacity, she undertakes a wide range of responsibilities for commercial and life sciences projects. Her tasks include redlining documents, researching products, preparing test-fits, and designing amenity spaces and common areas for core-and-shell construction.

Before joining SGA, Amanda served as a designer for a custom-cabinetry installer in West Boylston, focusing on millwork detailing and on placement within residences. Earlier, she interned at a firm that specializes in hospitality.

In her free time, Amanda heads outdoors. She undertakes “anything adventurous and active,” whether it’s hiking, snowboarding, wakeboarding, or biking. Since she lives in Central Massachusetts, she can easily spend her weekends at nature trails, mountains, and lakes.