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Who We Are

Alina Duckham, NCIDQ

Senior Interior Designer | Associate

The overarching theme of Alina’s 35-year career is relationships.  She thrives on developing and nurturing friendships with clients, who return to SGA again and again.  Her ultimate goal is to inspire an “aha” moment when clients see a finished space that fully expresses their unique culture.  Every time this occurs, Alina’s enthusiasm for her work grows even stronger.

Relationships extend to rapport with colleagues, who view her as a dynamic and nurturing mentor, but she distinguishes between guidance and micromanagement.  In her opinion, autonomy benefits both senior-level and less seasoned professionals and stimulates creativity.

Alina began her career in corporate interiors before exploring other areas such as residential interiors and healthcare design.  In her previous positions, she collaborated closely with architects, building the relationships that are so important to her.  Corporate interiors remained her passion, however, and this led her to join SGA six years ago.   One of the reasons she enjoys projects in this market is the fast pace of decision-making, which is an ideal fit for her personality.

Alina received a Bachelor of Design from the University of Florida in Gainesville.  Outside of the office, she enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending time with her family.