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an accelerator facility for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is an innovation hub located in Kendall Square—ground zero for chemical research and often referred to as “the most innovative square mile on the planet.”

To help MIT envision the space and expedite stakeholder decisions, SGA’s designers virtually rendered The Engine’s reception, café, and training areas. SGA’s mission embodies tech-forward design that redefines how projects are visualized and delivered.

The Engine provides technical facilities, financial stability, specialized equipment, streamlined business services, connections to influential alumni, and experts in a variety of fields both in the main space and through an online marketplace. Startups with a revolutionary idea can apply to MIT to gain access to these facilities and services.

The Engine, jointly backed by MIT and venture capital funding, support “tough” technologies, ones that are slow to develop and often take years to bring in revenue, including robotics, manufacturing, medical devices, and energy.

SGA understands the life sciences sector and how labs operate; with our significant experience in all aspects of plug-and-play labs, we can expertly organize these spaces for maximum flexibility.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Cambridge, MA


26,000 SF