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was designed to capture the company’s new england heritage and long-standing connection to its community.

The 51,000+ SF project sits on an approximately ten-acre site near Dedham Square in Dedham, MA, and includes a three-story office building with a parking garage. SGA was responsible for all aspects of the build — including overall branding, signage, furniture coordination, core and shell, and interior design.

Due to its proximity to the area’s historic downtown, brick, precast concrete, and structural steel frames were used to reflect the company’s core values and traditional aesthetics. Utilizing traditional design elements throughout the building was essential to the N&D Group, in addition to natural light and fresh air. Preserving the site’s existing landscape — including two 70+ year-old oak trees – was also paramount to the project.

Along each facade of the building, a bright and spacious curtain wall was designed to “stand out” and capture as much daylight as possible. Multiple rows of floor-to-ceiling height windows were also incorporated to bring natural light in, with the lower bottom portions operable to allow fresh air indoors.

When designing the building’s interior, SGA blended traditional design language with contemporary elements to modernize the space in a thoughtful yet complimentary way. Marble and wood were used throughout, combined with black and brass accents. Modern light fixtures and furniture added a touch of sophistication, especially in areas that leaned more into the company’s traditional sensibilities — such as in the executive suite, where molding and built-ins were a prominent feature.

Due to the project’s suburban locality, its in-office amenities were critical design features for the company. Working with its employees, the N&D Group identified the most desirable amenities and partnered with SGA to bring their feedback to life. These amenities include an onsite gym to promote the company’s health initiatives and a fully stocked cafe with a full-time cooking staff.

The integration of community artwork was also important to the overall project. In partnership with the deCordova Museum, a revolving showcase of local artwork from the New England area was curated for the building. In addition to new artwork, the N&D Group has been gifted artifacts throughout the last 196 years. These special pieces hold great significance for the company and signify many historical markers for them. In the very beginning of the design process, The N&D Group partnered with SGA to carefully preserve and display these artifacts for many more years to come in built-in millwork displays.

On the second floor, SGA designed a variety of mixed-use environments where employees could work, collaborate, and connect outside of their cubicles. These dynamic, non-traditional workspaces included multiple conference rooms, breakout spaces, training rooms, a community lounge, and a company library. Each space was designed to be as flexible as possible, allowing the company to tailor it as needed.


The Norfolk & Dedham Group


Dedham, MA


51,000 SF