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Focusing on the workstyle of the future, Oxford Properties partnered with SGA to create a space at

125 Summer Street

that provides what companies and individuals need from the workplace that the home does not provide: dynamic and flexible spaces that are safe, comfortable, adaptable, and that foster a sense of community.

Collaborating closely with Workflow, a service-oriented commercial furniture dealer, to cleverly address the wide spectrum of personal, team, spatial, and technological needs of today’s workers while future-proofing the space for prospective tenants.

At the center of the space, an elevator bank and restrooms are enveloped by a supply amenity zone – providing opportunities for locker storage, pantries, sanitizing stations, and office equipment – as well as the main circulation path.

Wanting to reduce the number of physical touchpoints, SGA divided the floor plan into distinct zones that enable employees to easily migrate to areas that are the best fit depending on the task at hand.

At the far corner, a quiet commons offers a respite from typical work zones and provides alternative seating options for individual heads-down work. At the same time, smaller meet and focus rooms support the need for a more traditional private office space for focused work or in-person private meetings.


Oxford Properties


Boston, MA


32,000 SF