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Positioned to capitalize on New York City’s burgeoning Life Sciences market, SGA’s concept for the

11th Avenue BioTech Tower

represents the world’s tallest laboratory building.

With global organizations from media, fashion, tech, and finance drawn to Hudson Yards for its high-design, bustling public realm, and proximity to broad innovations: the neighborhood and its perimeter are primed to support a wide range of BioTech and Pharmaceutical organizations seeking to attract and retain top-talent while aligning themselves with other leaders from diverse industries. 

This concept–and the detailed study it stems from–prove out the architecture, engineering, code compliance, and programming considerations required to effectively build a world-class laboratory building in a dense urban environment.

A natural extension of the innovation hub that Manhattan’s Hudson Yards continues to become, aesthetically this concept executes a modern interpretation of the classic New York City tower. Functionally, construction of the 11th Avenue BioTech Tower presents a new typology; fostering the vibrancy of a sprawling R&D campus within 37-stories and 650,000 vertical square feet of highly-flexible laboratory space.

The building’s composition presents three distinct volumes that each offer organizations unmatched recruiting and growth potential in a competitive urban market. Utilizing a concrete superstructure, the building’s side core configuration presents tenant floors with 44-foot clear span structural bays to accommodate typical 11-foot benching modules. Additionally, enhanced vibrational compliance allows complex facilities from vivariums to wet- and dry-labs to be strategically incorporated throughout.

The eye-catching visual distinctions stem from predominantly functional considerations. By distributing mechanical mezzanines throughout the structure SGA relocates the building’s infrastructure and reduces the shafts required to support research and development uses. SGA unlocks additional value by articulating these stopping points in the facade with “amenity pockets,” enabling occupants to enjoy fresh air and panoramic views while also providing greater health, happiness and productivity to the work environment.

Each of the atrium-inspired tripartite glass divisions presents its inhabitants with a 180-degree connection to Manhattan’s pulse. During the day, vast natural light pours into every corner of the geometric structure as well as the laboratories and office spaces within. As the sun sets and the development rises, it returns the favor. Offering neighbors and the City at large a glimpse into the innovative work happening within.

Leveraging the concept of science-on-display, and with leading organizations vying for the opportunity to occupy this high-visibility showcase: the 11th Avenue BioTech Tower would quite literally become a shining beacon for the future of life sciences in New York City and metropolitan areas across the globe.




New York, NY