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Who We Are

Michael Drew

Project Designer

Michael works on a wide range of sectors, building types, and project phases — with one common denominator: technology. Over the course of his career, he has honed his skills in BIM and digital fabrication, and he takes every opportunity to apply them to his day-to-day assignments. At SGA these might include construction documentation, massing studies for conceptual design, and BIM management.

Previously Michael served for four years as an architectural designer II at Atkins Global, both in its Miami and Atlanta offices. Initially, he led a small team in remodeling supermarkets and ensuring that they met ADA standards. Subsequently, he worked on large-scale aviation, transportation, federal, and industrial projects. While at Atkins he was also awarded a travel scholarship to travel abroad to study and research 3D printing at an architectural scale and its applications in construction. During college, he completed an internship at Miami-based GELPI Projects, where he focused on material studies and conceptual design. And in high school, he won an internship at his local county’s buildings department.

Michael earned a Master of Architecture degree from Florida International University. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to and playing music (he’s teaching himself acoustic guitar), cooking international cuisine, experimenting with his 3D printer, building computers and technical components, and expanding his knowledge of science, history, and economics.