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Who We Are

Mike Lee

Senior Designer

Mike adheres to holistic principles in every aspect of his professional life. With every project he undertakes, he cultivates a thorough understanding of each team member’s role and how each part supports the whole. He also leverages such tools as data analysis, BIM, and visualization methods to inform planning and quality decision-making.

At SGA, which he joined in February of 2021, Mike focuses on life sciences. The sector appeals to him because it lends itself to work that is critical and thought-provoking. Lab design, in particular, enables Mike to “lean into” his curiosity. By embracing the field’s nuance and complexity, he helps pave the way toward scientific discovery and the betterment of all.

Mike’s experience in life sciences encompasses five years at Payette Associates and, most recently, nearly two years at EYP. While working at these Boston-based firms, he completed many higher-education facilities designed for research and development in a diverse ecosystem of science disciplines.

Mike earned a Master of Architecture from Norwich University in Vermont, and he is pursuing an MBA at Syracuse University with an eye toward blending design, business, and humanism in his work. Outside of the office, he and his family practice permaculture, which integrates gardening and the raising of livestock to foster regenerative systems of agriculture. This activity is based on the same holistic principles Mike applies to his professional life, and it supports progress toward a vibrant future.