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Who We Are

Kun Yang

Project Designer


Kun, an avid learner, enjoys his focus on life sciences because the sector is evolving rapidly with new concepts and advances in research. On a typical day, he builds Revit models, prepares documents for presentations, ensures accuracy of files, and develops grids and layouts for lab facilities. His favorite project phase is construction, during which design concepts are brought to life.

Before joining SGA, Kun served for three years as an architect at Morris Adjmi Architects in New Orleans. There he specialized in high-end hospitality and luxury. Although he loved this city, he wanted to try something new. On the advice of a friend and fellow architect, Kun decided to move to Boston.

Born and raised in a small town near Wuhan, China, Kun originally came to the U.S. to study, earning a Master of Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis. In his spare time, he reads about science and history, learns languages (German and Italian are his latest passions), and bikes around and outside of Boston. He recently cycled to Walden Pond, which he describes as a “pilgrimage.”