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Who We Are

Kelvin Hsu

Staff Accountant

Kelvin’s role at SGA enables him to use his accounting skills while expanding his understanding of the architecture industry, which has long been a side interest of his.  Colleagues, in turn, appreciate the efficiencies that Kelvin brings to every stage of a commission, thanks to his extensive knowledge of finance and accounting.

Kelvin’s involvement in projects begins with a new job request.  He assists the team with budget development and scheduling, defines the phases of work, and, to establish expectations, sets up a kick-off meeting with the project manager and principal in charge.  As the commission progresses, he provides regular reports on financial status, and he eventually closes out the job upon completion.

Before joining SGA in 2018, Kelvin served as a staff accountant at StudentUniverse, a Boston-based travel services company.  During his tenure there, he honed his expertise in transactional accounting and daily bookkeeping.

Kelvin received a Bachelor of Science in accounting from Bryant University in Rhode Island.  Outside of the office, he swims, snowboards, works out at the gym, plays board and video games, and cooks.  He is a fan of cars – Audis in particular – and animals.  He grew up with dogs, but today he owns a beautiful fluffy cat named Shelby.