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Who We Are

Ethan Zanelli

Project Designer

Ethan joined SGA’s architecture department shortly after his graduation from college, and he quickly immersed himself in many of the firm’s most challenging projects.  While he provides schematic designs for two very different markets — commercial and higher education — he keeps a single focus in mind: end-users.  He recognizes the profound impact the built environment has on society, and strives to create spaces that don’t merely look great, but also feel great to occupants.

Because Ethan is half French and half Taiwanese, he also approaches design from a multicultural perspective.  His background has instilled in him a sense of empathy that informs his work and heightens his awareness of public opinion.  Consequently, he is able to achieve results that please both end-users and stakeholders.

Ethan received a Bachelor of Architecture from Syracuse University, where he minored in real estate.  Outside of the office he visits art museums, keenly observes the interplay between fashion and society, and follows Formula 1 and soccer.  As you might expect, he is a fan of Les Bleus.