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Who We Are

Erin Howley

Interior Designer

Erin loves the schematic design phase of projects, when the overarching aesthetics and goals are established.  She has experience in a variety of sectors, but she is presently focusing on life sciences and office interiors. For every project, she chooses materials and finishes that are environmentally friendly: Sustainability is a key consideration for her.

Before joining SGA Erin served as an interior designer at MDF, where she completed office and higher education projects. Previously she worked at Shepley Bullfinch, where she developed her expertise in higher education and added healthcare to her portfolio. Throughout her career she has created numerous plug-ins and computations intended to optimize Revit, and she continues these endeavors at SGA.

Erin earned a bachelor’s degree in interior design, with a minor in art history, from Suffolk University (NESAD). Outside of the office she paints, sketches, visits museums, dines at restaurants, and brushes up on history. She also spends time with her cat Valo, whom she describes as “big” and “a monster,” given his predilection for mischief.