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Who We Are

David Luna

Project Designer

David joined SGA’s Science & Technology practice because he was intrigued by the opportunities to design lab facilities for different uses and occupants. Today he spends his days developing drawings and collaborating with teams, clients, and consultants. His long-term goal is to incorporate sustainable architecture — his passion — into as many projects as possible.


Previously David served for nearly three years as a project designer at CSS Architects in Wakefield. There he focused on commercial spaces and public institutions, such as the local city hall.


David, who was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, came to the U.S. to study at Boston Architectural College, where he earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree. Outside of the office he enjoys traveling, reading, cooking, and playing soccer, tennis, basketball, and golf. He has also been known to go scuba diving and skydiving, but he understands that others may not share his enthusiasm for these pursuits.


Another activity that keeps David busy is volunteer work. He has designed a school in Haiti for underprivileged children, served as a translator for a vision clinic in Mexico, and built classrooms for low-income neighborhoods in Mexico. Today he also supports an organization in Brazil that buys food for poor families.