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Founded in 1915,

The Boston Foundation

is a community foundation working with nonprofit organizations, philanthropists, and local businesses in the greater Boston area.

Curated room signage, artwork, and custom wallcoverings in the reception area create an inviting environment that welcomes donors and community members; the pieces tell the story of the Boston Foundation’s outreach within the community.

The project goal was to convey the story of the foundation’s history in a new space; SGA guided the Foundation in its move from the 10th floor of 75 Arlington, in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood, to the 3rd floor during the first half of 2017.

A new flexible assembly area with three sets of operable partitions fits a variety of meeting needs for the Boston Foundation and other community institutions.

The design utilizes a light and airy color palette, thoughtful lighting to brighten the deep floor-plated space, and subtle pops of color to distinguish “neighborhoods” for wayfinding.


The Boston Foundation


Boston, MA


25,000 SF