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In spring of 2019 DASNY awarded a design-build stipend to the SGA team to pursue a ‘Deep Energy Retrofit’ study for


An intensive Integrative Design process ensued, to transform the existing 1960’s-era Residence Hall into a Zero-Net-Energy ready building with a target EUI of 32 kBTU/SF/YR, per SUNY’s Directive 1-B2.

Focused on Energy Performance and challenged via an aggressive Construction Schedule & Budget, SGA studied the project in whole, leveraging the analytical tools of Life Cycle Cost Analysis to achieve DASNY’s targeted Total Cost of Ownership goals. Design parameters included a systematic retrofit solution capable of replication for future residence hall Deep Energy Retrofit projects.

The resulting design was based on the Dutch Energiesprong model, recladding the building in an airtight, high-performance building enclosure, with integrated glazing, and HVAC systems, taking advantage of the mutually beneficial inter-relationships between all systems of the building.


Dormitory Authority of New York (DASNY)


Oneonta, NY


61,000 SF