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When the rapidly-growing online automotive research and shopping web startup


faced a space crunch, the company turned to SGA to help design their new home.

The new space includes a large café/gathering space that can be used as a dining spot for employees and as an all-staff meeting location; it also includes a variety of conferencing spaces and small phone rooms, and a game room with a foosball table and several video game systems.

“Working with SGA was amazing in every respect, and we are thrilled with the new space,” said Langley Steinert, CEO/Founder of CarGurus. “The design team combined our functional needs for this space with a deep understanding of our mission, our culture, and our collaborative work style to create a beautiful, inspiring environment for our employees. SGA’s expertise and commitment to excellence was apparent at every stage of the process, and they were such a pleasure to work with. We are so grateful.”

The office is populated with open, modern workstations with minimalistic benching setups and height-adjustable monitors for employees; mobile whiteboards were brought in to boost brainstorming and meeting sessions.

To capture the mixture of technology and automotive nostalgia that CarGurus desired, SGA’s branded environments and interior design teams developed several custom features for the space, including a curated display of seven classic hubcaps and a license plate wall built with over 300 different plates from around the country.




Cambridge, MA


48,000 SF